What to wear?

The first question asked: “What do I wear?”

For lessons and classes, please dress for comfort. Generally there is no dress code for lessons, just clean and comfortable attire. For the Sunday evening dance and other dance events, I describe the dress as “business casual”, slacks, polo shirts or button down shirts, skirts, dresses, whatever makes you feel a little special without going crazy. There are occasionally special events in the ballroom world that ask for fancy dress, but they are well advertised as such in advance.

The next question: “SHOES?”

Ballroom dance is an athletic endeavor that does require special footwear, EVENTUALLY. As we dance, our feet need to be able to slide on the floor. dance shoes have a special suede leather sole that allows the feet to slide. If your feet are not able to slide, (for instance if you were to wear grippy running shoes.), any rotation goes into your knees and can cause very sore knees and/or, permanent damage. Dance shoes can very greatly in price depending on the quality. As a beginner, I recommend that you don’t buy expensive shoes right away. For your initial lessons, dancing in your socks is the best way to go. If you have special shoes for medical reasons, I would recommend putting a big sock over your shoes for the class or purchase “moleskin” from the drugstore and attach that to the bottom of your shoes.

What NOT to wear:

Many of the members of the dance community have chemical sensitivity. As much as possible, please try to limit the use of perfumes and colognes.