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Grand Monadnock Ballroom Offers FREE Swing Series to Benefit the Homeless

Grand Monadnock Ballroom owner and dance teacher, Brendan McClure, invites adults planning to attend the April Fools’ Dance being held at the Keene Country Club on April 1 to raise funds for the Keene-based Hundred Nights Shelter to join him at the Ballroom for eight weeks of swing dance training on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. beginning on Wednesday, February 8.

McClure encourages April Fools’ Dance goers to learn the swing, a dance which will work well with many of the songs played by The Tom Foolery Band, to increase their enjoyment of the event.

Footwear for the Ballroom: Dance shoes or a good pair of socks.

No partner needed, beginners are welcome, and the atmosphere is positive and encouraging.

Wed Feb 8, 2017 7pm – 8pm Eastern Time
Series runs for 8 weeks

The Grand Monadnock Ballroom
132 Monadnock Hwy
Swanzey, NH 03446, USA (directions)

While registration is not required, contact McClure at 603-762-8814 or Brendan@dance-host.com with any questions.

For more information about the April 1st dance, visit the Hundred Nights Facebook page here.